For any size business that is rapidly growing and can benefit from having legal counsel on-call but not in-house. Don’t lose sleep because you avoided picking up the phone from fear of the dreaded hourly bill! Contact us to discuss a GC² proposal customized to help you sleep.


Start Up package for small and early stage businesses. We’ve got your back so you can grow your business.


Let us supplement your legal department by providing specialized legal services for a flat monthly fee. Whether you need back up with Patents, Labor and Employment, or Franchising, let us complete your team.


Non-Profit organizations are businesses, just like in the for-profit world, but with an added layer of governmental oversight and IRS regulation. Budgeting is often more critical than it is with a for-profit company. Our customized offering of services at an agreed monthly rate ensures you have the same solid legal foundation as a for-profit company with a predictable line item on your budget.

GC². General Counsel – To a Higher Power.

Take your business to the next level with our OUTSOURCED LEGAL DEPARTMENT concept – billed at a flat monthly rate because we’re not just thinking about completing a project, we are managing your company’s risk and advising you every step of the way.

The old ways don’t always make sense in today’s fast-paced, tech-reliant society. Hourly billing is a one-sided way of tracking time that keeps the client in the dark until that dreaded invoice appears. Our team approach requires a joint investment in accomplishing goals, where the lawyers and the clients combine to make up the team, and everyone is fully informed, especially of the cost. That’s why we created GC². Our work is an infusion of thought leadership and 24/7 commitment to creating useful solutions. GC² provides you with a worry-free, budgeted monthly rate making us a growth-oriented team member, not just a high-dollar phone-call. This modern, unique and business-savvy approach gives you the power of an entire legal department, delivering the services you select, at a fee that won’t come as a surprise at the end of the month.