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GC² - General Counsel to a Higher Power

GC² is ‘General Counsel’ to a Higher Power! If you or your company don’t need a full time GC, but do need consistent legal services at a fixed price, we have a leveled set of GC plans that will fit your needs. Click to read more... If you don’t want to read more now, know that when the time comes you wish you had in-house counsel, you don’t have to commit to a full-time employee to get cost-effective legal advice.

With this modern approach to legal services we fortify our partnership aspirations   with you and your company. When you can’t afford or don’t need 40 hours a week of legal services, you can count on us to provide just the amount you do need. Set monthly fees means you can call just to bounce an idea or double check that one small detail…just like you would if you walked down the hall to your general counsel’s office.  

We know that your company must embrace risk in order to succeed. That’s why Resolution Legal Group does not expect you to hedge our risk by making the blind leap of faith required when entering into an hourly billing agreement. We are comfortable with the risk of offering a flat monthly rate because we are confident in our ability to offer unparalleled service in an efficient manner that will forge a loyal partnership with your company long term.

We don’t have a few “special” clients that we expect to generate enough hourly work to pay for our ocean-side partner retreats and luxury box suites each month, we have a loyal group of clients who each benefit from our ability to respond quickly, communicate often, and simply outperform the other guys. (that reminds us, if any one of our satisfied clients are reading this and have a luxury box suite, we would love to see the inside – during a game…)

Check out our package deals, on the right! Don’t see one that works? Give us a shout, and we’ll customize a GC² plan, just for you. These monthly rate agreements are, and should be, pliable to fit your personal needs. Call or email us now to format a plan that works for you, and let us know if you need any ideas on how to spend all that money you will save on legal fees once we come on board… you know, box suites, ocean-side retreats…
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