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Efficient Solutions - GC² Dedicated/Overflow

Our Dedicated General Counsel services are for companies who require sophisticated representation spanning the disciplines of corporate governance, compliance, intellectual property licensing, complex negotiation, employment law, and litigation, among many others. Put simply, we save you the time and expense of running an in-house legal department and allow you to do what you do best -- run your business. Rather than bear the expense of hiring training and providing benefits to a new employee, partner with our Firm for full in house legal assistance without the hassle. No longer do you have to worry about choosing between permanently increasing the size of your legal department or justifying the excessive fees of using outside counsel for an upcoming project or litigation.

Dedicated Counsel services begin with a strategic meeting with your board of directors and officers that will help ensure your short and long term planning is not going to invite unwelcome legal hurdles or expose your company to unnecessary litigation. From there we provide a road map and insight on how our services will help you make business decisions that are legally sound without road blocking your growth strategies with legal hypotheticals.

This offering is also appropriate for a larger company that has its own legal, HR, or contract management department, but needs to fill a specific, dedicated need, or has occasional needs for extra capacity that do not justify an additional full-time employee. For instance, a client’s general counsel might find that our Firm’s experience in handling routine and custom real estate transactions, outsourcing and other information technology contracts, or intellectual property matters will better meet an ongoing need than hiring one or more full time in-house lawyers. Resolution Legal Group could be engaged as “Information Technology Counsel” for the company, with responsibility for providing all legal support to the company’s IT department and handling all IT related legal issues, while all other ongoing legal needs are met by full time in-house lawyers.

Other examples of specific roles we fill for clients include Intellectual Property Counsel (including patent and trademark prosecution, IP litigation and IP portfolio management), Corporate Finance and Acquisition Counsel, Litigation Counsel and Tax Counsel.
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