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Efficient Solutions - Billing Options

Performance Based Billing

Tired of paying the same amount for a project that was not approved or failed to close? How about that legal project you requested two months ago that has mysteriously disappeared and you hesitate to request an update on the status because you know the project will be hastily completed and sent with a bloated three month invoice.

Performance Based Billing creates an alliance between client and law firm that hourly billing may fail to achieve. For recurring transactions, such as sales and distribution agreements, copyright and trademark applications, software licenses, leases, planning and zoning approvals, and other important growth projects for your business, we offer a fee system that starts with a low transaction fee or reduced hourly rate and ends with a performance bonus upon successful or timely completion of the project. If you have a time sensitive project, Resolution Legal Group will reduce the total cost of the project by avoiding open-ended billing and most importantly we will complete the project on your schedule, not ours.

Hourly Billing

We realize there are some projects that are best suited for hourly billing and are glad to perform those services at a fixed hourly rate if a client so chooses. However, what you won’t get from us on an hourly bill is a laundry list of nickel and dime overhead expenses. We know that you don’t charge your customers for copies, facsimile (for dealing with those who still have their emails printed out), and long distance phone calls, and we can’t understand why some law firms think it is acceptable to pass those costs on to you. Our hourly statements are straight forward, detailed, and always subject to your satisfaction.

Monthly Rate - Unlimited Service

GC² is ‘General Counsel’ to a Higher Power! If you or your company don’t need a full time GC, but do need consistent legal services at a fixed price, we have a leveled set of GC plans that will fit your needs. Read more here… If you don’t want to read more now, know that when the time comes you wish you had in-house counsel, you don’t have to commit to a full-time employee to get cost-effective legal advice.

Whether you go with a GC² package, or need a customized monthly flat rate package for project work, we can help you get your work done and stay with your budget. Call for an appointment and we'll work it out, partner.
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