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We provide efficient solutions to some of the problems commonly encountered in the legal service industry:

Fear of the Lawyer's Invoice:
Our solution to the worldwide problem of Invoice Fear? Customized billing options... Click to read more >

Stop paying for inefficiency: Resolution Legal Group offers a variety of billing options from performance based flat fees, flat monthly rates for a customized offering of services, traditional hourly billing or a combination of all three. Our innovative fee structure is based on simple business principles that are inexplicably missing from the usual practice of law. We know that you hire a firm for its intellectual capital not its time. Hourly billing is based solely on the amount of time spent on a project and while that is one factor that may affect the cost of any service, often it fails to reflect the value provided to the client and simply put; it promotes inefficient work habits.

Our unique fee arrangements offer more value to the client, better align the client’s and the firm’s goals, keep compensation tied to the outcome of the project, and most importantly, allow the client to manage costs, fine tune budgets, and measure success on a new level. With Resolution Legal Group, receiving never-ending billing statements on a project you thought would be routine can be a thing of the past. We utilize the latest in legal and communication technologies so we simply don’t miss billing you for cover letters and phone tag. You don’t pay for our attempt to meet billing requirements, you pay for superior service and the value you receive. Finally, we pride ourselves on being Efficient and Productive. In many firms, hourly billing is a guaranteed method of preventing both!

Unaligned Goals: If you feel your lawyer just wants to get paid, and you just want to get on with the business of running your business, you need a new lawyer. Solution? The partnership approach at Resolution Legal Group. We know when you succeed, we succeed... Click to read more >

Whether it is drafting a contract, closing a deal or putting to bed a serious piece of litigation – your goal is to make it go away. So is ours. How? Because our clients are movers and shakers. When this deal is successfully completed, there will be another one. When this litigation resolves, that client will refer us to another client. We believe in the power of successful resolution. When we help you, you’ll tell your friends about us! (Oh, and we’ll return the favor, too! If your product or services could be of interest to another client, we’ll refer you to one another!)

Overwhelm: Do you have more work than you can say grace over, and not enough dough to bring in new employees? We have a solution: GC²

Efficient Solutions, Powerful Results
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