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Do you aim to do business with your lawyers, the way you do business?

Your lawyers should understand business, be business people themselves, and have a vested interest in your success. Our goal is... Click to read more >

to provide advice, referrals, counsel and services as needed, within budget and timely delivered. Lawyers should be partners in your business, not gatekeepers, roadblocks, or overlords. You’ll never hear us say, “That can’t be done,” instead, “That can’t be done that way….so let’s find another solution.” We’re always looking for creative resolutions. We know that you have to approach business in a fresh way, every day. Your lawyer should keep up with your strategies and be prepared to deliver legal services that compliment your business model and your budget. Your business doesn’t stand still for anyone or anything. Neither should your legal counsel.

We are in it for the long haul.

We are looking to build partnerships geared for long-term success. Your legal counsel should be a partner in the development, growth and management of your business, not just another dreaded but “necessary expense.”

Communication is key.

Partnered communication is a basic business concept that has somehow been eliminated from the legal service industry... your legal counsel should function as a sounding board. Eliminating or controlling communication costs through creative billing, flat fees and bartered services is the solution to this lost foundation of the counsel/client relationship... Click to read more >

Whether we are providing emergency accident response, strategic business planning, resolving litigation, or drafting contracts, you are the key decision maker. We will provide ideas, concepts, strategies and options, and participate in the discussions, but ultimately, you decide. To make that approach work, there has to be open and constantly used lines of communication. Constant and meaningful communication may save you from costly missed opportunities and is the best way we can ensure your satisfaction.
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